We see there are a lot of reasons to have a fake ID card for.

Whether you have committed a crime and want to conceal your identity. Removing the age restriction to get access to the forbidden places. Or use the forged identity on the internet sites to shield your real one.

Also, the alcohol and cigarette purchase, obtaining the subscription on the fake name, insurance, and social security frauds and bypassing the immigration checks on the airport.

The fake ID card goes into the fake name, so the people can excruciatingly use the fake one to commit many fraudulent activities online and offline to avoid getting caught.

Fake ID Card

The fake ID cards can also be tested against UV checks that detect their genuinity.

They go with the same chips and the barcode which entertains the forged information making it sound like a real ID card.

Many users use such modified ID cards on the internet, so there it takes to hide your picture where you cannot present the same to anyone stating the ID card belongs to you because of the face picture.

We must admit, the fake ID cards from us would work like real anywhere in the world.

Fake ID

The forgers find the fake ID the haven to perform many illegal online and offline activities.

From getting the clean credentials that unlock your access to many different avenues where you would not want to reveal your real ID.

Especially in the case of getting your ID card blacklisted, the fake ones should be used in such places without any second thought.

Fake ID Scanning

Many service providers cannot guarantee if you can go past the fake ID scanning process but we guarantee this claim.

As we all know, scanning machines around the country can safely detect fake IDs. So, the machines could read the barcodes, chips, and other hidden elements. But as we took the guarantee our fake ID cards can pass all such tests, they would definitely pass all the tests.

The high-level check of an ID card gets done on the immigration counters with all possible technologies, RFIDs, and machines, so that should be your first place to test our ID cards!

Italian ID Card

Italian ID Card (Carta d’identità Elettronica Italiana) is mandatory for all Italian citizens living in the country or abroad.

It unlocks free travel to the selected European countries that are part of the European Economic Area and Switzerland where you do not need an Italian passport to show.

Romanian ID Card

Romanian citizens travel with a lot of restrictions, especially when visiting the United Kingdom as they cannot make it to the UK more than twice in one year.

To bypass this restriction, how about you get a Romanian ID card? With it, get to unlock the travel counts to the U.K.

Also, you can use the same Romanian ID card to get to the many countries where you do not need to have an exclusive Romanian passport, making the illegal immigrants swarm into Romania for the very same reason.

How to Make a Fake ID

How to make a fake ID at your end is not difficult at all. But remember that it would get caught easily because it may lack the barcode and microchips. But with us, we are the sole producer of the real-alike fake cards of different notable countries.

So, let’s get onto the process of how to make a fake ID;

1- Scan a Real ID Card of Someone

Have a real ID card of yourself and anyone.

Now, scan the card from the front and back making sure the barcode is aligned well.

2- Open Photoshop

Now, you should open the scanned images using Photoshop.

3- Get a Photo for ID Card

To replace the current photo of the card bearer, get your photo scanned and crop/resize according to the standard dimensions.

4- Do not Forget the Font Family

Your ID card must have the exact font family and size making sure it does not detect any overlapping.

5- Background Color

Make sure which background color is allowed/standard to use with the ID card.

6- Change the Details

Change all the details which include name, date of birth, license number, and everything that you want to endorse on the fake ID card.

7- Print Out the Front and Back as per the Size of the Cardstock

Take the front and back of the ID card separately.

8- Cut the Cardstock per the Standard ID Card Size

Use scissors and cut the cardstock into two pieces making sure it fits according to the standard size of the ID card.

9- Apply Glue on Both Sides of Cardstock and ID Card Print Out

Apply the glue over both sides of the cardstock and the printed ID card and keep it pressed with some weight for up to 6 to 8 hours.

10- Laminate Time!

Laminate the ID card to prolong its operational life.


There are numerous use cases of the fake ID card, and under some scenarios, using the fake ID can protect you from many dangers.

To keep yourself safe and sound, bypassing the security checks to accomplish something big, it is high time to use a fake-generated ID that looks real.

So, we offer a variety of fake cards from different countries. Let’s have a look at our complete catalog of fake ID cards and decide for yourself!